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Signature Services

Enjoy the luxury of a Joli & Co. signature service featuring our 100% organic CBD. 

The Joli & Co. Comfort Massage

Indulge in our comfort massage to relax your body, renew your mind and revive your soul. During your full 60 minute signature massage you will take a journey through long, fluid swedish massage strokes to gently stretch your muscles and relieve tension leading to a deep sensation of comfort and grounding. Joli & Co. Comfort CBD massage oil is used exclusively to help loosen your muscles and your mind as our potent, organic CBD works its way into your system. You will come away from this wellness journey relaxed and refreshed: body, mind and soul.

The Joli & Co. Arthritis Manicure/Pedicure

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The Joli & Co. Body Scrub

Nourish your skin and refresh your soul with our signature body treatment. Our CBD Sugar scrub is packed full of enriching elements to soothe and supple your tired, dry skin. Great for moisture boots in the middle of winter, or a soothing after sun treatment after a sunny summer day. After the Joli & Co. CBD Sugar scrub gently buffs away dead skin, inflammation and tension, you will be wrapped in warm towels to soften the skin further and open pores and allow absorption of the healing CBD and organic oils and butters. The remaining scrub will be gently whisked away and your skin will be treated to a gentle massage with our CBD Invigorate massage and body oil. Your skin and soul will be left glowing and renewed.

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