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eucalyptus shower mist - arriving summer 2021 

Eucalyptus, lavender, and menthol clear your head and open your airways while you inhale the healing effects of CBD. Our pure, organic eucalyptus was chosen for its cleansing properties. Known for easing congestion and alleviating pressure in the sinuses, eucalyptus was a natural choice for dilating the airways to allow for deep inhalation of our organic CBD. The menthol crystals offer similar properties, but with the added benefit of reducing inflammation, and easing tension and stress. Both ingredients offer the added benefit of headache and nausea reduction as well. To round out these beneficial components we’ve added a lovely shot of organic lavender for its calming, soothing, and uplifting properties. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or looking for a moment of relaxation, this combination, teamed with our organic CBD, is sure to provide a soothing spa-like experience every time.

Spritz downward in the shower 4 times and allow this wellness concoction to rise with the steam, making your shower into an at-home spa treatment! A great way to start your day or wind down before bed - this ritual will leave you balanced and prepared for what's to come. Inhale balance, exhale stress. 

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