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Professional Products 

Joli & Co. offers highly effective professional quality products that are available in bulk and single use formats to craft your spas perfect program. Whether you are interested in precision dose, inventory control, or cost per service, we have an option. 

Massage & Body Oil

CBD massage oil is widely available in many forms, but not all are created equal. Our desire to create the finest quality massage oil has culminated in this ideal blend, that’s both pliable and moisturizing. Make no mistake, for Joli & Co. the massage oil blend is as essential as the USDA-certified organic CBD distillate we infuse it with. 

 Massage therapists praise this product for superior performance and report rave reviews from their clients. The ultra-moisturizing quality of our blend takes your client’s massage experience or after-shower application to a higher level. It’s an ideal solution for extra-dry or chapped skin because of the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and the oil blend’s rejuvenating moisturizers. 

Our Massage and Body Oil combines ingredients meticulously chosen to provide ultimate skin and body nourishment. It’s free of nut oils and harsh preservatives, and therefore safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Sunflower oil is rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E to aid in skin hydration and elasticity – its silky texture gives our blend superior glide for massage. Safflower oil is extremely high in linoleic acid, a key component in moisturizing dry skin and keeping it hydrated without being heavy or sticky. The olive oil in our blend has been filtered to remove tannins, leaving an amazing emollient that prevents the loss of moisture from the skin without clogging pores. Jojoba oil is very close to the body’s own natural skin secretion, sebum – actually a liquid wax that absorbs easily, yet provides the right amount of drag so you can target a specific massage point without losing your grip. 

Massage oils are available in 1 Gallon (6400mg CBD), 1/2 Gallon (3200mg), and 1oz (50mg) formats.

Rub & Salve

 Balms and salves have a reputation as excellent remedies for dry, cracked skin – but most are a bit too heavy and greasy for everyday use. We’ve chosen a high-performance blend of waxes, oils, and butters to create highly moisturizing products that sit on the skin long enough for a quick massage, but then efficiently carry the active ingredients through the dermis. Both products offer a soothing experience for tired muscles, joints, and skin. The Arnica Salve performs beautifully on achy, arthritic hands and bumped or bruised limbs. We recommend this salve for acute discomfort and suggest offering it in your salon or spa for a quick hand massage as a service add-on. Our Muscle Rub provides exceptional comfort for chronic aches and pains, making it a favorite spot-treatment solution for massage therapists. With a spicy, warming scent and sensation, this rub penetrates deeply to soothe achy joints and tired muscles. 

Both salve and rub are loaded with heavy-hitting ingredients that ensure a soothing experience and lend potent scent profiles that are comforting and reminiscent of healing. These ingredients go to work quickly, won’t leave greasy residues on top of the skin, and promise a gently dissipating scent that won’t follow you around all day. Along with arnica and CBD, our popular Arnica Salve includes comfrey to reduce pain and swelling, rosemary to improve circulation, and wintergreen, as a mild analgesic and anti-rheumatic. Our Muscle Rub has been specially formulated with organic CBD, menthol crystals, and a potent blend of organic essential oils – this rub was built with purpose. We’ve chosen the menthol crystals for their analgesic properties and enhanced them with a blend of eucalyptus to improve circulation, cinnamon to provide a warming sensation and improve circulation, spearmint as a natural antispasmodic to help relax muscles, peppermint and wintergreen as natural analgesics to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation, clove as an anti-rheumatic to help relieve pain associated with arthritis, and rosemary, another excellent anti-rheumatic.

Rub & Salves are available in 8oz jars. (2400mg CBD)

Scrub & Soak

We’ve developed our scrubs to be superb exfoliants that enchant the senses while putting in serious work to uncover beautiful, glowing skin. For our Sugar Scrub, we blend sparkling tan crystals of organic raw cane sugar with organic raw coconut oil to give your senses a trip to the tropics. With the subtle aroma of coconut and a gentle exfoliation that leaves the skin supple and glowing, it’s an effective scrub for body treatments and shower time. Our Salt Scrub and Soak is in a league of its own – generously infused with USDA-certified organic anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm the skin, it’s a game-changer as a firm scrub or silky soak. Its delicate citrus scent gently awakens the senses without being overbearing. The fine sea-salt is a wonderful exfoliant that holds up in a body treatment but is also a beneficial addition to your pedicure basin for soaking away aches and pains of tired feet. 

Our scrubs and soaks have been carefully created with USDA-certified organic ingredients to offer an effective, clean, and luxurious addition to your spa services. Balanced blends of oils and butters (coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, neem seed oil, and shea butter) provide superior moisturizing without being greasy. We’ve enhanced the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with other ingredients that offer similar effects — turmeric, neem, coconut, rosemary, and mustard seed. 

Scrubs are available in 900g jars. (4500mg CBD)

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