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Our Organic Process

We fully support the importance of and are committed to establishing a fully organic product line. Achieving USDA organic certification requires following various federal guidelines for growing, harvesting and processing. It will guarantee that our CBD products are pesticide-free, and that safety and quality are our top priority.

Organically Grown Hemp and Organic Formulation 

Joli & Co.’s exclusive provider of CBD distillate, the hemp extract used to create our products, is a family-owned farm that has produced USDA certified organic hemp for more than a decade. They are diligent about maintaining the highest standards and expectations for the hemp they grow and the distillate they produce.

Our exclusive partner shares Joli & Co.’s philosophy that high quality products begin with high quality ingredients. They carefully nurture and tend their organic hemp crop, cultivating plants that exceed USDA certified organic requirements.

Their entire distillation process is also certified by the USDA to be fully organic. It begins with a solvent-based extraction process where CBD oil is separated from the plant material. The solvent evaporates, leaving behind pure CBD oil. A secondary distillation process results in an ultra-potent CBD distillate that is further tested for quality, safety, purity and potency.

Organic Carrier Oils

All Joli & Co. CBD products are made with organic MCT oil that is 100% derived from coconuts. MCT oil is made up of a fat called medium-chain triglycerides. MCT molecules are smaller than most of the fats consumed, making them easier to digest and absorb into the bloodstream. This means MCT oil is the optimal choice for transporting CBD into the bloodstream. In addition, current studies suggest MCT oil may help with weight loss, appetite control, energy, inflammation and problems absorbing nutrients. These potential health benefits perfectly complement the hemp-derived compounds in our luxury CBD products.

Certified Organic Formulation, Processing and Handling

Joli & Co. is currently in the process of obtaining USDA organic certification. We follow all USDA organic standards for processing, bottling and storage. This means that our whole process, from selecting raw materials to shipping our finished products, adheres to the USDA’s strict guidelines for organic certification. We use top quality, fully organic ingredients in all of our oral drops and topical products, including essential oils, natural flavors and CBD extract.

Our Lab and Cleanroom

The Joli & Co. lab is tucked into the rolling hills of Boyne City, Michigan on Winter Park Ranch. We purposefully built our lab with the intention of developing high quality organic products using state-of-the-art filling and processing equipment. This equipment is up-to-date and carefully calibrated to ensure specific, consistent formulation and bottling. All equipment is used, cleaned and maintained following USDA organic handling protocols.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in our lab. Our four areas of operation – formulation, filling, packaging and shipping – are kept separate and washed regularly. We utilize HEPA filtration, lab-grade deionized water and special bottle sanitation equipment to protect the purity of our CBD products.

Quality Standards

At Joli & Co., we strive to offer the highest quality organic products by controlling every facet of the process. We personally select top quality organic raw materials, carefully formulate every product and perform extensive third-party testing on each batch to ensure integrity. Every CBD product line is made in our state-of-the-art lab under our direct supervision so we can guarantee the quality our customers deserve.

Third-Party Testing

Joli & Co. uses Kaycha Labs, one of the leading hemp testing labs in the United States, for all third-party product testing. Our rigorous testing protocol has three phases:

Phase 1: The CBD distillate we purchase from our exclusive partner is testing for quality, safety, purity and potency before it arrives in our lab.

Phase 2: The concentrate mix we formulate in our lab is fully analyzed to ensure it is appropriately potent and free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals and residual solvents.

Phase 3: The product batches we create from the concentrate mix are tested a final time to measure potency prior to bottling.

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