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When Jonathon & Lindy Thompsons discovered an article about the incredible benefits of CBD for gastrointestinal disorders, they finally started to pay attention. Early on, they both dismissed CBD as a therapeutic due to stigma, misinformation and it’s attachment to marijuana. The couple weren’t opposed to the legalization of marijuana creeping in, but they didn’t want to be a part of the buzz.

When they started to pay attention and look into the research for themselves, they realized they had been missing out. They started to ask questions and soon found that navigating the shopping experience for high quality, efficacious products from a company that offered transparency and confidence wasn’t all that simple. They found some products they felt comfortable with and fell in love with the results. They both immediately started sleeping better and noticed aches and pains subsiding. Jonathon experienced less frequent episodes associated with his crohn’s disease and Lindy noticed a decrease in an edginess brought on by stress.

The Thompson’s started looking for something different than they were buying - Organic CBD. Lindy became interested in labels and likening her search to looking at pretty wine labels – only she noticed there weren’t many pretty CBD labels! They decided to look into playing with the creation of their own brand and came up with this mission:

our mission

“to engage and educate the sophisticated consumer about the beauty and health benefits of high quality, organic CBD. In curating only the finest ingredients, we provide an elegant line of products offering efficacy, integrity, and refined luxury.”

Jonathon and Lindy set out to create a CBD product and brand for the discerning buyer. Something that would be attractive and elegant enough to catch the attention of someone who might otherwise turn their nose up to the thought of CBD, like they once did. They wanted to create a brand of incredible quality, without the stigma or association with THC or marijuana. Joli & Co. is committed to offering the finest, organically crafted products, wrapped in irresistible packaging. Using easily digestible information as a platform, the couple seek to educate that same group of people who may choose to overlook the beneficial products.

As the Thompsons set out to create the perfect product line for their taste, they also came to realize that an elegant line like Joli & Co. was missing from the spa industry. After experiencing an incredible CBD massage, the mission expanded to make Joli & Co. products exclusively for the spa industry.

Our massage-centric, organic, efficacious line can be found in spas on retail shelves and experienced in the treatment rooms of some of the most incredible facilities the US has to offer.

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