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the sophisticated side of CBD


simple, effective, clean label, and organic


learn, live, embrace, and trust

available at the worlds finest spas

The luxurious experience you deserve is only available in person. We have selected only the finest establishments to offer the Joli & Company experience.

thoughtfully formulated, organic ingredients

In a different approach to CBD, our process asks "How do we improve the spa experience?" rather than just supplying a commodity.

With the formulation of highly effective products and elegant hand finished packaging.


Our mission is to engage and educate the sophisticated consumer about the beauty and health benefits of high quality, organic CBD. In curating only the finest ingredients, we provide an elegant line of products offering efficacy, integrity, and refined luxury.

efficacious products & world class training

Joli & Co. is the product of founders Jonathon and Lindy Thompson’s vision. We wanted to develop a highly effective and user-friendly product with enough information and education to make CBD interesting to those who may not otherwise want to try it. We were among those who, due to lack of interest and information, were initially skeptical about CBD. Could it really help with various things we were living with like sleep issues, anxiety, an autoimmune disease, and muscle soreness following intense activity? How could one product possibly help with that range of afflictions? It wasn’t until they came across an article that pointed directly at CBD’s influence on gastrointestinal disorders that they started to pay attention and ask more questions. For the Thompsons, being informed and educating themselves about CBD led to their personal realization of the hemp plant’s benefits.